We're a team with the knowledge in education, technology, entertainment, and business to be transformative and address a new generation's way of learning and consuming content with top-of-class technology.

Chris "Ludacris" Bridges


As a family man and father of 3, Ludacris has a passion for the youth. Initially, he was driven by his own desire to find the most creative ways to connect his children's interest in online activity with entertainment. He wants KidNation to fill the gap he sees in children's educational entertainment, while being transformative and addressing the new generation's way of learning and consuming content.

Sandy Lal


Sandy's knowledge, connections, and long term commitment continue to be integral to KidNation as it enters the market. He will drive the strategy and growth of the company as has put together a strong team to support the technical needs of the company. Mr. Lal earned his BA in Economics from NYU, his JD and LLM from Cardozo School of Law.

Gloria Pecot

COO & Co-Founder

Gloria is a well-rounded executive who has a history of acting as a resource across an organization to increase broad cohesion for strategic plans. Her extensive background in psychology, child development, and business helps KidNation create meaningful productions.

10+ years of experience in project management, product development, and business strategy. Having also co-founded a P2P app, she brings expertise as both an influential collaborator and managerial leader.